On Sunday, 18th September 2022, the first cohort of Millennium Fellow’22 of University of The Gambia conducted its first session out of the six required sessions of the fellowship for graduation.

The session was centred on the theme: “Beginning our journey- Welcome Millennium Fellows!”

This lucrative session served as a stepping stone after the launch session to draw the perimeter of our focus as fellows and provide a sense of direction to the activities of the campus. Fellows had a cross-cutting discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals with thorough emphasis on the identification of the existing gaps and the need for urgent implementation strategies. This part of the session helped fellows to broaden their understandings of the SDGS and heighten their experience and relevance in the fellowship projects being implemented.

Additionally, Millennium Fellows are guided by three core values: humility, inclusion and empathy. Fellows had thorough discussions on this values and relate them to their relevance towards social impact. These, in our commitment as leaders, are crucial pillars that we must champion during the course of our projects.

What our core values mean to us.
We are Inclusive: providing service to all.

The fellows are ready to recommit themselves to social change and impact with an uncompromisable focus on “inclusion”. This we believe is a fundamental pillar that should guide our actions as a campus.

Being the first cohort of Millennium Fellowship Fellows in the Millennium Campus Network, we are prepared to establish a living scar in our projects and legacy with support from relevant stakeholders the campus will be meeting during the next few weeks.

Together we can create a better world for all.

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