Am not an anthropologist neither am I related to one, whence, human are meant to be each others comforters.
Meeting some people in life serve as an opportunity to manifest our greatest natural potential. These people make us think that we’re great and push us believe that we’re unique regardless of our ethnicity, background, religion or race.

I need not have to share our greatest strength as human hence our commonalities are greater than our differences and also weigh them down. We are blessed with a faculty to reason and keep pace with any changes. Everyone talks about the speed of technology(new apps, new softwares etc etc) but forgetting that we have a unique App in between our two(2) ears covered by a skull, call the Brain. This is the most sophisticated application ever, with the ability to make good and bad whether updated or not. In fact, it doesn’t need that, i presumed. This I most back by what the wise men said; As the mind can conceive (taught) it can become a reality.Also according to   Mahatma Gandi; he said, i quote’ “Your belief becomes a your taught, your taught become a your words, your words becomes action, your action becomes your habit, your habit becomes your value and your value becomes your Destiny.”

Clearly defined, in simple term it means our Mind (brain) is our greatest weapon to challenge the global status quo for our continent. Huh! I now know why and what my  grandfather meant by; *We’re all One. I am not talking about Equality here but is gnosis for my words. We have the ability to make a technology of the heart by linking hearts together.
Today, is so sad seeing others using platforms (social media) to encourage illicits instead of promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence among people. Specifically, I meant places witnessing tribal and civil unrest in the expense of the minorities.

Irritating, others are, however, never ask each others TRIBE or where we came from; when ever we converge to share values; hence trying to know such are the primary precipitating factor that ginger our minor differences and thus, we look down to each other. I am Badou Manneh am an African☺. Socrates once said that a war/violence between (among) men means unavailability of brain. This I most confess seem true and factual in this point in time.

Down the line in history, Africa proved to be the best by cementing humanity and culminating the imposed tragedy of undefined destiny by our former colonial masters. Been cognizant of that, turning the other side of the coin, we still paved way for heterogeneous differences; one which they projected to harness the divide and rule tactics.       Across many boders, many would agree to that phenomena. We’d seen how the demarcation separated single entities into different sects and also join together rivalry groups in one territory. Yet, we manage and able to move with such unnatural trends.
Africa today, despite all odds, we are at the apex of global agenda knowing fully well the problems, I believe we have a solution that is TO LIBERATE OUR MINDS to suit the realities.
As you are read Badou philosophy, African Leaders are having meeting call China-Africa summit. The agenda includes but not limited to; claiming, they are Putting it to Africans that China isn’t exploiting Africa but helping us.
Coherently, our leaders will all accept this structured seeking benefits and the end of the day, we ll witness many more doings. Could one agree that this is because of University trimmed into socioeconomic and political agendas or lack of knowledge ?? You tell me.

Finally, along with mix verdict, am still proud and glad to meet people who are epitome (promoters)of such global unstructured phenomena; the people who promote and encourage Humanity. Let us all hail people who are at the helm these leagues and we shall see the change we wish to see.

Humanity is the solution to our problems.

I challenge you all to subscribe to #HUMANITY and be Peace Extremist

Badou ThaRealist

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