By: Kebba S Juwara (The Panacea Poet)

I’m supposed to be a happy young man
Full of gay and joy
But I have a piece of burning coal
In my heart

But tell me how I won’t be angry
When our bigger heads can’t count their balances
And we have nothing to count

Tell me why I won’t be blazing inside
When hypocrites and imposters
Have taken hold of our affairs
Telling us to dance
Whilst they have their legs on the drumstick

Tell me why I won’t blast
When our highways have turned to Lake Chad
When we are forced to enter stagnant water!

Tell me why won’t I be raging
When Qcell is no more ‘Sunu Buss’ but ‘Sen buss’
When they move like snails and eat like locusts

Kebba S Juwara
The Panacea Poet

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