The University of The Gambia Students’ Union writes to express our appreciation to the Chinese government, Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and the UTG Administration for the recently concluded training held for students of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. This we believe will go a long way to enhance the capacities of the beneficiaries, and certainly in line with the targets of the 18th Executive Council of the UTGSU.

We hope there’ll be similar initiatives to follow shortly.

The 4 days training introduced to our students four Professors and two Associate Professors from the People’s Republic of China who landed to the smiling coast for the first time in their lives, and rightly armed our students with modern agricultural techniques & practices aimed at enhancing food production and productivity in Africa.

The UTGSU will also work with the concerned authorities to establish a sustainable partnership with Guizhou University of China. This partnership will allow students of the UTG to undertake exchange programs and also capacity building trainings.

Finally, we wish to congratulate all the participants who underwent the training. We implore on you to put these skills to work and rest assured the Council will be here to support you at all times.

For your service, we prioritize!

*Information and Communication Ministry,*