The 22nd Executive Council of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union, together with all of its Sub-Associations extends its sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the Directorate of Students Affairs and Alumni, UTG, for conducting an outstanding two-day capacity-building training on Ethical Leadership and Facility Management for the UTG student leaders.

This event was held on the 20th and 21st of May.

The training was not limited to the mentioned areas but also included several other lectures on student-lecturer relationships, UTG’s resource mobilisation, communications channels at the University of The Gambia, and the challenges of student leadership.

Interactively, during the two-day sessions, student leaders were also given the platform to raise questions and concerns on pressing issues affecting student community such as transportation-related problems, the poor facilities in some schools, and other academic-related challenges.

These problems remain the Union’s utmost priority, and as a forward-thinking council, we are putting in all efforts towards offering sustainable solutions to them.

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