The Delicious dish of Art is ready! The mighty and most anticipated Face of UTG 2022 is set to stage on the 17th June, 2022 at Penchami Hall.

We’re ready to feed you with beauty, entice you with brains, quench your taste with talent and give you memories of elegance.

This event is one of the most garnished and highly contested events in the history of UTGSU. Customarily, it used to present a clash amongst Queens only. This year, with respect and consideration of inclusion, Masters (gentlemen) are included to showcase their endowed handsomeness and talent.

Will the Crown đź‘‘ remain a biological property chemically held by SSA with their physically enriched beauty or will the table turn to the Health workers, Lawyers, Agriculturists, News breakers, Business tycoons, Social Scientists Teachers, or Computer wizards? June 17th will tell the rest of the story.

You can’t afford to miss this divine grace of art. Get ready to grab your ticket, grace the occasion and see the supremacy of UTG’s endowment.

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