On Saturday, 20th August, 2022, the Media Committee of the University of the Gambia Students’ Union, in its bid to strengthen and execute the union’s commitment to go beyond borders, hosted the second episode of the UTG Spotlight show on Star TV.

Following the recent release of the 2022 WASSCE results in the Gambia, the country in this present time, is witnessing heating debates, controversies, and discussions about the status of the Gambia’s education system. During this confrontational times of the education system, understanding the crossroad the country stands at, the union invited Her Excellency Fatou Yaffa, President of The Gambia College Student’s Union and Buba Gaye, Deputy Research Minister of UTGSU. The duo exponentially dwell in answering the question: “Is our education system trekking in the right direction?”

After an hour discussion, the panel, chaired by Hon. Siman Lowe and co-chaired by Haddy Gaye, outlined the necessity to revive the country’s education system ranging from policies related to the uninterrupted basic education, the active curriculum, integration of science and technology in the educational system, providing hands on experience and expertise to teachers being trained and those already in the field and a host of other recommendations.

The show had shown a need for all stakeholders in the education system to show greater commitment to build a system that meets the current realities of the country.

The union continues its efforts to table discussions of this nature to the Gambian populace and enhance more enlightenment.

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