The morning panel was dedicated specifically to issues around the the University of The Gambia with a view to collectively devise solutions to address them.

Students had a face-to-face with key administrators including the Finance Director-Mr.Corr,I.T Director-Mr.Darboe, senior political science lecturer- Dr.Ismaila Ceesay, facility manager (deputized) and the vice president of the UTGSU Mr. Lalo Bajo.

However, students expressed their grievances and gave suggestions towards making UTG better. They demand it is high time the government started taking UTG seriously.The students also implore that there should be more unionism, robust schemes and better concentration towards the development of the UTG.


Sulayman Ceesay a renowned Cultural Ambassador took to the stage to display his Kankurang skills. The spectators were muted seeing the Kankurang enter the fire without getting burnt.

The day was later characterised by cultural display by Jaliba Kuyateh, a cultural troupe and an inter ‘Kunda’ drama competition amongst the participants.