The beginning of any successful strive begins with a reflection of the history that ended the preceding strive. Sequel to this belief, The 20th Executive Council of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union wishes to extend its undiluted appreciation to the students of the University of The Gambia for their relentless efforts in the dispensation and observation of a democratic process centered on the quest for a progressive university.

Additionally, it is an unarguable tone that every succeeding administration lives through the legacy of those great men and women who had served with an unshakable character and commitment. In this vein, as we have been sworn in office yesterday, 27th November, 2021, cognizant of the fundamental prerequisites that had guided the actions and inactions of the 19th Executive Council of the UTGSU, we relay with an unequivocal voice imbibed with the highest sense of gratitude. Our warmest appreciation goes to our predecessors for their unflinching support and cooperation throughout the transition process.

Extensively, a similar quota of appreciation is extended to the legally constituted and
established bodies of the UTGSU: the Electoral Commission, Legislative Body, Judicial Tribunal and all other sub-associations for their outstanding service and support to the students of University of The Gambia.

Furthermore, the success of every student government, UTGSU in particular, stands side by side with the Union’s sense of vision galvanized with a smooth administrative relationship; such a pragmatic, action-oriented and interest driven quest is the only tool needed at this crucial point to build the state university of our dream.

Imperatively, we seize this opportunity to reiterate and call on the University Management and every stakeholder in the progression of UTG to build a unified force to surmount the ordeals faced by our dear institution.

Conclusively, we remind all students of the university of The Gambia to be aware of their sacred responsibility and obligatory duty to work in unison for a better university. It is a common adage that “United we stand, divided we crumble.” We have envisioned a dream: a dream to build a university that will stand the test of time; a dream to create a student government marinaded with inclusivity and respect for democratic values; a dream to promote the welfare and interests of students, and such a dream can come to a reality when we divorce our political affiliations, marry our diversity and paddle the canoe of a genuine course. Therefore, we challenge all students to join the wagon to the realization of this dream.

Together, in unison, we are stronger than all.


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