“Oh my daughter’s special would have been smelling! I’m sorry dear, I’ve forgotten to fetch water into your toilet”
“But why? Is something wrong with the pumping machine?” I interfere.
“It has been almost a week now, I’m planning to call the engineer to fix it tomorrow. Didn’t you notice?”
“I had thought you were the one closing it, preventing it from flowing”
And since I always find water whenever I’m in need, I didn’t notice. So she has been drawing water from the well into the whole house as well?
The time is going, we can’t wait for them to finish so I leave with Khalid to the masjid.
I had thought I would have a chance with my wife yesterday night but it was ruined by the arrival of her monthly visitor. How come it took yesterday night of all nights to visit? It wasn’t bad either because we’ve spent the night in each other’s arm right in my temporary room.
I had slept after we returned from the masjid and now I’m waking up at past nine o’clock. Yawning, I drag my feet out of the room and see my wife mopping the entire house, I can hear the washing machine humming as well. What an ‘iron lady!
On her exhausted face appears a smile, “you are awake! I’ve prepared your bath and your food is already on the dining table or should I bring it?”
“No no, hope everyone has eaten? Where is my mum?”
She leaves her chores and moves closer to me, “they are upstairs and they’ve eaten. Habeeby, Ummy apologized to me this morning and I’ve apologized as well so we’ve settled.”
“I’m glad to hear that… nonetheless, I’m the happiest!”
She grins – I like her demeanor this morning, very charming and happy demeanor!
“Now, what can I help you with?” The words are out before remembering my vow – God damn the vow, astagfirullah! “anything I can…”
She cuts in while returning to her chores, “nothing! You are late already, this is past nine”
“I’m the boss so I can go anytime… But I thought you said you were going to work today?”
“I have a lot to do so I called the G.M. that I’ll come tomorrow instead and he accepted.”
“Really? I think that man is very rigorous. Why the peculiar treatment?” I ask inquisitively
“I was also surprised other workers have been wondering too. I wish you could see how I stormed off his office the last time, I had thought he would work on my sack letter but instead he has been covering for me… Very kind of him though” she shrugs
We both giggle but I’m still wondering. I return into the room, bath and dress up for work. While eating I can’t see my wife around so I assume she is upstairs working her energy off. I announce that I’m off to work but the kids don’t bother to come down – I guess they are enjoying Ummy’s company.
I drive off. Outside the gate I sight my wife leaning against a car – a black SUV Toyota Corolla 2016 model – with a man who is dressed in a black suit; his well shaved hair and clean jaw make him look effeminate but has a well built handsome body structure if I must admit. From my view, they are discussing but the smile on their faces raise my inquisitiveness. A sudden rage builds up in me.
Before any second thought, I step on the break together with the clutch and my vehicle halts!

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