Can you imagine? After donkey years of struggling, tumbling, toppling, crumbling and of course dating poverty and hardship, a friend of my aunt, *Alpha MK Lowe*, surprised her with a big holy box on her birthday. *”What’s in that giant box”* became the house anthem. Everyone was kept in suspense, and speculations grew as my aunt decided the box will be opened in few days forth.

Her daughters were angrily impatient with her because they had a strong believe that the box contains stuff related to them. *”I am going to wear that Barbie dress on my 9th birthday even if mom disagrees. It is high time I stop dressing like a suicide bomber in the name of hijab”* the youngest daughter expressed to her siblings even though she did not have the faintest idea as to what the box contained. *”Shut up!”* the eldest retorted, *”hijab is not in any way related to any unlawful or suicidal activity instead, it is the best way of life. Is there any better way to keep the honey from the flies than properly covering it? You must stop thinking narrowly and act in accordance with the principles of your creator, ALLAH”*. The third sister seemed bored with religious talks and decided to push them off that topic, *”can we ask mum to open the box today so we can know what it contains? It could be something that expires within a short period of time”* she requested. They all agreed and proceeded with their plan. As they walked in queue towards the parlor, they met their mum reading the letter that came along with the box. Once a curious cat is always a curious cat; the girls decided to change the procedure of their plan as they were two steps further already.

*”Anhaaaa Aisha, come! Come! This is the letter that was sent by your uncle, Alpha MK Lowe, alongside the box. I have lost the zeal to open the box already; I am nervous”* the mum informed. The children were less interested in what the mum had to say. The only thing that could feed their curiosity was the content of that mysterious box, hence the letter was the only channel to complete the quest. *”Mum, can we go through the letter?”* the eldest daughter asked. Their mum handed the letter to them and it reads:
*”My dear Lovely Fatoumatta…….*

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