Aisha saw the paper and read it before the bag was untaped; written on the paper was: “THIS IS A SUM OF D125,000.00 FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, USE IT WISELY!”.

Everyone one froze for a moment and BOOOM! They all swam into jubilation and exultation. The feeling was like they were informed that death has been banned on Earth. I came from school just to meet the jubilance young, alive and active. Without questioning, I joined the ambiance having no clue to conjecture what they were celebrating. My dear people, I employed my shaku shaku moves coupled with Gwara Gwara and Mando dance; I was literally Michael Jackson’s choreography director that night. After exhausting my energy, I pulled Bintou and asked, with my lungs competing for air, “why is everyone celebrating?”. “Do you remember that mighty present mom received on her birthday?” She asked, “it is a whooping sum of D125,000.00 from Uncle Alpha for mum to change our lives for the better”. “Hewwooooo!”  I shouted in my Nigerian accent and momentarily jump into my jolly jolly. This was a life changing opportunity for the whole family.

After everyone  calmed down and the dust settled, my aunt called a brother of hers, Omar Champion, to seek some counselling as to how we invest the money for a better future. While we waited on him, I was literally spending the money in my mind, and suggestion on how to spend the money take hold of the conversation. Ideas such as: building a fashion shop, buying taxi, building a Qur’anic school and other aimless ideas. Meanwhile, Uncle Omar popped in and he was welcomed even better than usual. The matter was discussed with him and we, as a family, decided to save the money in Longman Bank while we search for a very good shop to retail food items at a reasonable price. Retailing food items became the choice because the family  wanted to invest the money into something that will sustainably benefit the family. “We will save it in your (Uncle Omar) account first thing in the morning as it is almost 7 O’Clock now” Aunt assured Uncle Omar. The box was wrapped and kept in Aunt’s room while we anticipated “The Ishani vs Ranveer” drama.

Early in the morning, while prosecuting the “Hondey” (porridge), everyone was acting strange and active. This just reaffirmed Philosopher Cherno Gaye’s statement: money runs or ruins the world. “Rush with that porridge so that you make it to the bank early” Aunt ordered me. “Please Aunt, bring out the money while I change clothes” I replied. Aunt went to the room and spent more time than expected; just few minutes later, she called her daughters in the room and later called me. This was strange and surprising. Upon arrival in the room, Aunt open the box and guess what:….

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