*”My dear Lovely Fatoumatta,*

*It is with great pleasure I gift you on this special occasion. Can you remember the challenges you tendered when we were at the National Leadership training, at Banjul? This is just an iota of help I can offer on this special occasion of ours. I hope you like it and make it sustainable.*

*I must admit that it is coming from the bottom of my heart.*

*I do not want to tell you what is in the box as it is a surprise*.
*Happy birthday! Happy opening!…”*

Hopes escalated, joys multiplied and jubilation ensued. The happiness that the mere letter brought was written all over their faces. *”Binta (the daughter between the youngest and eldest), go bring the box”* the mom ordered. When she came with the box, their mother ordered them to pray before opening it. This did not sink in the youngest daughter’s head as she was in a terrible haste to know what was in there. *”Spppssspsppsppp walaa daaalin Ameen”* she rambled the words in her mouth and concluded in few seconds. The mother finally opened the box, PAM! On the surface of what was inside the box was the picture of *Alpha MK Lowe* and my aunt in a shining gold-coloured frame. I guess the picture was shot at the training. The looks that were exchanged by the four of them signified with no doubt that they were disappointed and foiled. *”WHAT!”* Binta exclaimed, *”what kind of joke is this? Is this man alright? Who puts a mere picture in this kind of big, expensive box?…”. “Exactly, who does that?”* added her sister. *”It is high time you start using your brain to think and not your lust. Can’t you wait till we remove everything from the box before you start giving lectures?….Arrrrrr! Mum, I can see a black plastic bag under the picture frame, let us check it out”* Aisha angrily expressed. From the mom’s actions, you can clearly tell that her hopes were draining fast. They removed the picture and saw a heavy sellotapped black plastic bag. Under the bag was a folded piece of paper. Aisha saw the paper and read it before the bag was untapped; written on the paper was:…

*You can’t afford to miss what is coming your way. Read out for Part Three (3).*

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