Written by: Siman Lowe (The Ultimate)

Life in its complexities dwindles around a myriad of encounters, personal undertakings, adversities, and commitments taken by individuals. However, such encounters are constrained by societal perspectives or reactions. A reflection of this societal menace that could make a person’s reputation, image, or values tainted has a massive impact on a person’s image and futuristic path.

In July 1996, nearing the completion of Nyan’s second semester as a sophomore, he fell into the brutal traps of what our modern-day society would define as an intimate relationship. One fateful Tuesday, during a lecture hour, Nyan—showered with passion and unbreakable admiration for education— had an academic confrontation with a beautiful girl Khadija who was endowed with God’s greatest gift of beauty and smartness. Both shared the feeling of accompanying each other, sitting together in class, and engaging in academic discourses. This relationship which initially commenced as an academic bond, metamorphosed into an intimate relationship—a relationship where what was presumably described as love overshadowed the academic love they had built. What was known to be a supportive, selfless and result-driven connection, got blurred by intimacy, an emotional attachment that had established so much trust between Khadija and Nyan.

Described as lovebirds within the university campus, Nyan built the unshakable desire to present and give his entire heart and soul to Khadija as a token to manifest his unshakable love and boundless commitment to nurturing their seemingly destined relationship. Khadija had access to all of Nyan’s networks, knew his weaknesses and strengths, and became his right hand in both times of pleasure and despair. Not even in a single blink of an eye had Nyan gotten any second thought about Khadija’s loyalty. This feeling poised him the challenge to hide his ego and setbacks in reflection of his honest virtues, caring and lovely attributes, loyalty philosophies, and romanticism toward her. To Nyan, it was a heavenly-dished love cooked with the purest hand of an angelic chef.

Unfortunately, Khadija, the person Nyan had confessed to and built obsession for, was a sheep in wolf clothing. At first instance, she brought herself closer to him and won his heart and soul as a love partner not because of the so-called emotional attachment she had confessed to him, but as a result of the individual stature, Nyan possessed. Nyan wasn’t just any ordinary man who disguises himself with an unrealistic personality, but an irresistible character, sensational to any genuine heart. Nyan, being a person who had been raised in poor family background, suffocated entirely in pursuance of the basic necessities he needed, coupled with his genuine character and handsome appearance, she purported to bring herself into his life with ill intentions. While Nyan tried all he could to show his loyalty and served as a responsible man who does not just love with fallacious and selfish motives but subdue with a heart that lives to worship love as a religion, Khadija took his feelings for granted. Sadly enough, after knowing everything in his life—family, secrets, and insecurities— she started raising accusations and smearing Nyan’s personality. The positive character he had worked so hard to build, became susceptible to her frequent threats `and character assassination.

Nyan lost the will and valor to muster the courage to let go of her and live on; life to him was incomplete without her love and care. However, instead of being that soulmate he had ever wished for her, she transcended into a devil sent to his life as a punishment for his supportiveness, compassion, and selflessness. As Nyan was engulfed in the ocean of “love”, beclouded by the shaky waves of a moving tornado, he thought it was just a misunderstanding they had and could be mended. However, Khadija started raising rumors about him, tainting his image with the most satanic and disgusting stories one could ever be labeled against.

At the initial stage of her weird actions, she labeled him as an opportunist who banked on their close friendship to exploit the beauty of her womanhood. As surprising and shocking as this accusation was, falsely designed to assassinate his good character, rumors of Nyan’s bad manners, insecurities, and opportunistic and ungodly exploitation of Khadija became the song sang by every bird on the university campus. He lost face in front of all those who admired and embraced him for his genuineness and good attitude. Was it love or a dove shoved in the tyrannical destitution of ego?

As if that was not enough, secretly, Khadija involved herself in a relationship with another man, Lamin, who worked as the Director of Human Resources at Sunshine Gift Limited. Truth be told, Khadija’s beauty was seductive— a similitude of Bella Hadid’s phenotype— and every man dreamed to have such a woman in his life. Engaged deeply in this relationship with Lamin, she went further with her accusations and labeled Nyan as the person who had forced her into sex out of wedlock and suddenly put her in the family way. This became the most shocking accusation she had ever meted on Nyan. As accommodating as he was, Nyan could not resist the temptation of the societal lashes of gossip, mislabels, and disrespects he was receiving as a result of this accusation. His friends defined him as a womanizer and left him in a pool of confusion and regrets; course-mates, lecturers, and everyone who was closed to Nyan got puzzled by this purportedly established story and lost the respect they had for him. He was barrenly postured in society, bolstered by shame, disgrace, and regrets for embracing a fallacious relationship that lured him to the trash bin of losing his face in society.

At this juncture, amassed amidst the stream of confusion and disappointments, he had to muster the courage to accept the already-happened incident, yet design a way to save his face. He could not just sit hand akimbo and accepted the instigated image of his character. Nyan realized that the past was undoable, and the present was livable either with what was created or with a mustered will to change the narratives. Thus, embracing the latter, He resorted to judicial means to regain his reputation. As a firm believer of the law, with acceptance of man’s imperfections, he took the case to the Jeremy magistrate court in order to clean himself from such accusations. Pillared on equitable justice and fair trials, the court system, in a long judicial procedure that included a DNA test to confirm the level of truth in the accusations of impregnating Khadija, declared his innocence with justifications from a negative DNA test.

This was an unbelievable verdict to most of Nyan’s friends, course-mates, and accolades who vanished and closed the relationship they shared, yet, it was not a surprise to him and those who believed in his innocence. After a rough battle with this encounter, he learned his lesson and then realized that being dramaturgical could be a threat to one’s existence and it only takes commitment to maintain good societal standing and stature.


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