Under the guise of political independence of The Gambia, the imperial powers and our puppet-like political leaders continued without shame to repress, and exploit the masses and turning our territories into neo colonial bounds.
As a result, most of the reasons that ignited the father of our Independence, Edward Franchise Small and comrades in arms to agitate for Independence, for sovereignty, liberty and their demand for probity among men are not achieved.
Along with this unfortunate situation lived the traditional jamboree of glorification of selfish political leaders and politicization of the purported date of our Independence.

The arrival of the so call new Gambia is no better thus, contrary to expectation, it followed the same old odd trajectory, and presents no tendencies to rectifying the wrongs that almost became right for the past half century: Waste of state resources, corruption, injustices, shady contracts, violation of fundamental human rights, and nepotism among others. All built on an exploited and impoverished society.

Eventually, today conscious citizens who realized that the only realistic way to achieve any meaningful gain out of this day that purportedly ushered us liberation is to seat and collectively recollect on the achievements of our country, examine the catalyst that triggered our setbacks, and the possible resolutions thereof, gathered at the youth monument at Westfield . The best; was made out of the day.

Meanwhile, the usual event of bureaucratic caricature, led by the Supposed Servants of the people was likewise taking place in Banjul.
Where school children were paraded under the sun in replication of the slavery days!

The former congregation reflected on the immediate post independent Gambia, the infamous 22 dictatorial era, and the youths talked on broad issues facing them and their most relevant contribution toward nation building and the character they need to dress on in New Gambia. All the interactive discussions provided a platform to craft resolutions that would strategically lunch us to THE GAMBIA WE WANT.

In this, we understand…
The Gambia We want is a Gambia with a dignified sovereign citizen. Who shall at all times enjoy freedom without been subjected to any form of molestation or discrimination from either the political power that be or fellow citizens who hold different opinions.

The Gambia we want is a Gambia that would provide a secure environment for the citizenry. A Gambia where all would live in peace and unity The GAMBIA WE WANT is a Gambia, where unity by the masses will be the only relevant strength.
A Gambia where justices would know no exclusion.
A Gambia where the servants of the people would be transparent in their quest to providing the development we all dissevered.

It is a basic truth that we all failed our nation.
In this, we recognize…

We recognized in this conversation inter alia; that the primary essential bulwark to usher us in THE GAMBIA WE WANT requires a New Gambian, a sober, vigilant, selfless, and patriotic citizen across the board.
In this conversation, an attitudinal correlation was made between the characteristic of the media in the post independent era, Jammeh era and the so call New Gambia and the writers were tasked to be true to the ethics and principle of journalism because The Gambia we want is a Gambia with the people’s journalists.

We resolved in this conversation, the Gambia we want is a Gambia where the Civil Society Organization would be proactively engage to hold the political power accountable and to ensure that good governance and respect for fundamental human right at all time is a reality.

Furthermore, the pitchmen of the ruling class who always tell us that Gambia has a bright future are reminded that our environment needs to be protected from the unquenchable taste of the capitalists’ exploitation from Gunjur to Kantong and that the people need to be the primary beneficiaries from the state resources.
Access to quality education and the de-politicization of our schools, youth employment, and fair female representation among others things were all discussed.

These among others, is what the conversation provides for me. And I love it!