Written by:

Baboucarr (Phenomenal) Mbowe
University of The Gambia

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
Graciously Endowed
Betrothed with stinging prowess
But widely underrated
Despite the pernicious consequences
We are small: in number and in size,
But no one determines the hotness of pepper with its size. Lying innate in us is strength, ambition, and greatness

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
Representing the smiling coast of Africa
An embodiment of hospitality, amiability and compassion
We hail from the land of peace, progress and prosperity, in spite of our furious sting

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
Identifiable with our unmatched zest
Glorified under the sanctuary of the famous adage
The smiling coast of Africa
Within which we entreat one another with mutual respect, love and camaraderie

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
On a mission to resurrect unity in the face of a politically divided nation
Fusing bonds, bridging gaps, stitching broken relationships
For we represent the hopes and aspirations of a believing nation.
Uniting a nation under the gracious colors of Red, White, Blue and Green

We strive, live and love
Obliterating every evil that attempts to breed resentment, treachery and chaos
We shun: hatred, tribalism, and animosity

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
Acclaimed for uniting a country caricatured with political sentiments and brouhahas
Enhancing post-elections peace
Notably known for maintaining the international anthem; the smiling coast of Africa

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
With our lethal poison
We choose The Gambia, our homeland
As we poised to write right history
At the heart of the AFCON
Professing our greatness in the football realm

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
An epitome of valor
As we continue to rage and conquer teams
You can ask:
The Carthage Eagles
The Almoravids
And the National Elephants
For how furious and pungent our stung is.

We are the scorpions🇬🇲
The Smiling Coast of Africa
The children of Mother The Gambia
For The Gambia our Homeland 🇬🇲

— END —