By: Ebrima Dembajang

It’s not about impatience and personality but impersonality and patience for; the Gambia continues ourselves.

Until we revamp our great inklings, the no-care show continues to monopolize our everyday doings. The need for a Patriotic spirit must be our screams to put in motion the transition we yell for.

“For the Gambia, our homeland”, should rationalize the collective ownership of our darling nation and all our deeds need to be fidelity centered. Until the seeds of Nationalism are implanted at the grassroots, till then we shall continue underdeveloped.

Until the change is engaged, we shall continue the blame game in its best shape. What needs to be done is known to you, why should you wait to be told? Are you no more a Gambian that you care less about what needs to be done but give more relevance to what needs to be said.

State properties are impersonal but sad the story that it’s taken into ownership by a few allies of the Government. The rise in corruption scandals is a failure in keeping our promises to the mother Gambia. And sad it is; that, the masses are dancing to the music of a few selfish individuals. 

The spirit of taking care of State properties has dried up under our eyes and we still stand to call ourselves Gambians. Even what you can do to make it right is what you will do to make it worse. How long shall we continue guiding ourselves with “ I Don’t Care”? 

Should our children be told the strength of the “West” when in our hands lies our strength? Should our public offices and government vehicles be dressed with the flags of the West? What happens to our flag? Should we allow ourselves blamed by the next generation for being unfair to them as we blame the ones before us? I doubt!

We must forever cherish and celebrate the Gambia, for the Gambia is our homeland. I can, you can and we all can.

Demz Da Factualist

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