In ensuring an excellent, memorable, and delightful Students’ Week – 2024, the University of The Gambia Students’ Union herein unveils the Chairpersons of UTG’s most highly anticipated week of the year.

Through meticulous scrutiny and consultation, the Council has appointed Madam Fatoumatta Nyang and Mr. Yusuf Tunkara, among the best, as the Chairwoman and Deputy-Chairman of the UTG Students’ Week 2024, respectively.

Beyond preference and excellence, these two individuals are known for their pragmatic leadership and innovative strategies in problem-solving, and of course, for their selfless service in advancing students’ interests.

Progressively, while the Council reaffirms its unshaken commitment to supporting the Chairpersons in all endeavours, we kindly urge all students to keep up with these remarkable personalities in making the SW’24 a giant landmark of glory and excellence in the history of our students’ unionism.

As we dust our boots and prepare ahead of the grand week, the Council profoundly congratulates the Chairpersons on their appointment and wishes them a successful and joyful Students’ Week – 2024.

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