Have you ever doubted your potential and how far you can go in your academic journey? Must it be a surprise to you to hear the story of a commerce student-turned-law graduate? Meet Amadou Bah commonly called Amadou Pogba Bah in the UTG fraternity.

Amadou is the first student in the University of the Gambia, Faculty of Law to bag an LLB degree in Law with a Summa Cum Laude. Unprecedented right? Would you regard this as a stroke of luck or the fruits of hard work? Grab a beer let us give you the benefit of the doubt.

In 2018, Amadou, an alumnus of Nusrat Senior Secondary School who studied commerce as a field of study, got an admission into the University of the Gambia to pursue his LLB degree. This decision, knowing how bizarre it might have sounded on the ears of career counsellors and academicians at large, was a decision taken with an inspiration drawn through a vision to be one of Gambia’s finest lawyers.

Amadou joined the university community, fresh in a discipline he had no background about, not even a gist of what he was about to face during those blurry times. However, in the words of Colin Powell: “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” This young man, aged 23 at the time of admission, wore his metallic boots, reflected on his vision to succeed in his desired passion to overcome the downtrodden obstacles he would face on his way to the dreamland.

Not only was he an academic giant during his studies, but also, he took part in extracurricular activities organized within the university perimeter such as sports, drama, moot court competitions, etc. He also took an active part in UTG politics with a sensational recognition of the need to define leaders who can shoulder the voice of the student community. Jokingly, he was as well among the finest dancers and entertainers during student activities.

In a discussion with him, Amadou exclaimed: “It was tough, but so long I made the decision to study law, I decided to diligently face every difficulty that comes along with it because it is a choice I made!” He further stressed that throughout his journey he knew that taking part in activities, networking, and engaging in extracurricular activities help him develop himself. Thus, he was vibrant in all activities of the university. Inspirationally he shared: “No matter what, I never disconnected from people. I embraced all because you never know whose prayers will be accepted. Don’t cut ties with people; always ensure you maintain your bond with other people.”

Amadou’s academic history should be an inspiration to every student. He shouldered passion, devotion, humility, and openness. This landmark achievement, historic as it stands with its celebrative status, deserves a standing ovation and the University of the Gambia Students’ Union leads the way to congratulate him for his accomplishment and record-breaking history.

We wish him shiny and colourful pursuance and accomplishment of more successes in his career.


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