Issued: 5th March, 2022

Dear Graduands, we start with “Yaaay!” and congratulations to you all.

It is yet another phase of your lives successfully animated – a new beginning it is as you set out for the wider world to impact and translate your hard-gained knowledge into meaningful strides that can propel the development of The Gambia and the world at large.

It has been a very daunting and herculean journey, with mammoth glitches, unprecedented challenges and a myriad of disruptions ranging from surges in covid-19, industrial actions among other identical problems, but you diligently hurdled and surmount every bit of those rough patches, and this moment today is the due reward for your resilience and perseverance. You are celebrated today.

Today, with pride, you wear your gowns as graduands that are well grounded in the scholastic world. You have built a family during your course of studies in the university— a strong bondage that shall transcend beyond the UTG. As we respectfully remind you of our unwavering faith in the aphorism “No man is an island”, we indulge you to continue cultivating the culture and wont of collective work. We hope you will continue to manifest that in your respective chosen careers in the professional world in the best interest of the nation.

Accordingly, we are confident that you are fully-baked graduands and hungrily ready to apply your knowledge adequately in building the nation. We repose high hopes in you that you would make positive impact in society. Conspicuously, UTG is noted for breeding the best of breeds occupying both our public and private sectors. We know you will go out into the world with confidence in your abilities to communicate and analyze the world you encounter, make waves and promote the good image of our only state-owned university.

As you reap the fruits of your hard work, the entire UTG community wishes that success keeps following you in everything that you do – today and always. All of your hard work and perseverance have led you to this proud moment in your lives. Best wishes on your next adventure! Congratulations and Happy Graduation.

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