Date issued: 4th October, 2022

The Crown Face of UTG 2022, Queen Naffisatou Ceesay launches her Healthcare Improvement Project in partnership with the University of The Gambia Students’ Union.

The Healthcare Improvement Project is an implementation of the Queen’s platform during the Face of UTG 2022 which was organized to avail students of the university an opportunity to showcase their talent and proffer feasible recommendations to issues of their interest.

Cognizant of the need to champion the crown of social impact as students of the university, not just a beautified figure, Queen Naffisatou is launching this project with a passionate desire to change the dynamics of the Gambia’s health system.

This project intends to advocate for an improved, accessible, affordable, qualitative, and standard health care service in the Gambia. Additionally, it will take practical approaches that will render the improvement of the unavailability of medicines in hospitals, mitigate the lack of blood in hospitals, and improve the provision of hospital beds, especially in labor wards among other targets.

Committed to this strive with an understanding of the impending challenges that have marred the development of the Gambia’s health system, the Healthcare Improvement Project stands out as an effort to advocate for a better health system and encourage the government and other stakeholders to take urgent actions in providing a health system that every Gambian trust.

This, in our utmost strive, is a collective effort that should be embraced by all. Thus, as we launch this project, we firmly call on the Gambia Government and all other relevant stakeholders to help the Queen and her team in the execution of this duty.

With a concerted effort, we can make the health system better through our civic duties.

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