The University of The Gambia Students’ Union wishes to bring to the attention of the student fraternity that on Wednesday 13th April, 2022, it had received the commissioners of the UTGSU CRC 2021, amongst other officials.

This important setting witnessed the presentation of the final draft constitution, as well as the report of the work of the UTGSU Constitutional Review Commission (UTGSU CRC, 2021).

Having received this historic documents of the UTG students, the Union wishes to thank the entire CRC for standing up to the job they have signed up for, and for the strong and relentless efforts they have invested in the entire constitutional review process.

As a Council, we understand that their work has attracted a plethora of overwhelming challenges, yet they remained steadfast in the course of providing a constitution that reflects and represents the wishes, and aspirations of UTG students that will stand the test of time.

While the Council anticipates the greenlight of congress-persons, the congress delegates are kindly encouraged to au fait themselves with the said documents.

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