he club was ? with hot chicks and soon the club filled to the max because that night was surly a *LAST POT* for many.

Mr DJ was burning the dance floor with his unpredictable and dynamic selection of songs.
“One corner” was still on the heat.
Girls and boys sandwich each other; twerking involuntarily like a someone with epilepsy.

Others danced like they were possessed by a demon from Westphalia.

I was just dancing with my boys kifa and Paiz. After a bliss moment, out of the blue this hot chick came around the trios. I started to dance with her.

The systemic change I felt was just something I could describe. I bet she was better than Nicki Minaj. The way she handle me – Chei! It was beyond imagination.

I lost control and soon felt the climax. The electronegativty was soo high and i was ready for any kind of bonding.

The night grew older and the dance floor got much more intense – more people flooded in.

Soon around 05:30am, Dj went local – “saluto” was making everyone behave like a military personnel. We march-danced and saluted.

I said to myself “tendaba never sleeps.”

The last song was the usual and popular “one corner” everyone erupted into a yay! Shout and we one cornered girls to the “punanani” then we all headed to our rooms.

Some started packing for tomorrow whilst others were busy exchanging dials to keep the chemistry that was already built.

Myself knowing that OC members will be the last to leave the campus, slept without any worries.

A big day was ahead.

*Episode 24 coming soon*
*Moneeb Ul Hassan*