Beauty meets brightness! That’s Ms Ceesay!

Because of her exceptional talents and rare qualities, which she exhibited at this year’s Face of Beauty Gambia, where she was crowned 1st runner up, Miss Ceesay recently represented the University of The Gambia at the Miss University Africa in Nigeria.

Her performance wowed attendees from across the continent and put her on the global stage.

Well done Queen??

Jimmy Hendry Nzally

A brilliant UTG alumnus & ambassador, Jimmy has successfully graduated with a masters degree in Linguistics & Literary Studies.

Despite the enormous workload of a masters program, Mr Nzally pioneered the landmark partnership between the University of The Gambia & Virje Universiteit of Brussels, his recent alma mater.

Congratulations, Jimmy!?

Jane Gomez

A one time Face of UTG winner, Jane continues to shine beyond the spheres of pageantry.

On November 23rd, Jane received the prestigious YALI SPIRIT AWARD in the Ghanaian capita, Accra.

She was bestowed this award after successfully completing the three-week intensive leadership training.

Congratulations Jane?

UTG is proud of you all